Silver reaction chemistry scheme
High Performance Research Computing's Laboratory for Molecular Simulation (LMS) is Texas A&M University's core user facility for molecular modeling. It is supported by user contributions and by the Office of the Vice President for Research, College of Arts & Sciences/a>, College of Engineering/TEES, and College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. The mission of the LMS is to bring molecular modeling closer to the experimental scientist by offering training to both new and advanced users. Cutting edge molecular modeling software is available through the LMS to perform quantum calculations on "small" molecular or solid systems and molecular mechanics/dynamics modeling for large systems such as proteins, DNA, nanomolecules, polymers, solids, and liquids. The LMS is also committed to expanding the incorporation of molecular modeling into TAMU university undergraduate and graduate courses by providing support for faculty that wish to incorporate molecular modeling into their course material.
LMS Subscription Services


LMS subscription rates (FY23) for TAMU researchers range in price from $500-2000/year and $65/hr for consulting services.

LMS Subscription rates.

Software and Training

The LMS provides commercial and open-source software solutions and the training required to utilize the software.


The LMS has hardware solution to fit your computational research needs.

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Consulting Services

The LMS provides consulting services in the areas of molecular modeling and computational chemistry.

Workshops and Short Courses
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